Be Responsible for Yourself

You are expected to think about your needs and plan accordingly. Events can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Know your limits and practice good self-care. If you are on pain medication or have alchol, know how it affects you and don't let it hinder your self-care or affect how you interact with others. Know your own comfort levels and pay attention to yourself.

Be Responsible Towards Others

We're here to play and have fun but you don't have to play with anyone and people don't have to play with you. Treat everyone you meet with kindness and consideration. Plan to adhere to a policy of "ask first and wait for yes" in your negotiations and interactions. Also consider the possibility of intoxication, whether with medication, alcohol, or the endorphins of the moment, and act accordingly.

Be Responsible Towards the Venue

We are very fortunate that the hotel staff and management love our group. Let's keep it that way. Remember that we are guests in their house. If you have a problem with a hotel staff member, thank them for their time and disengage. Please bring the issue to the attention of the governing board and we'll handle it.

If Something Doesn't Feel Right...

If, at any time, something doesn't feel right or you're just not sure, speak up. Please let the organizers know there's a problem. We want to maintain a healthy environment for attendees. Those who can't honor the conduct code will be asked to leave.

Consent Policy