Venue & Registration

Our host hotel is Hotel Tucson City Center.

Please call to register (520.622.3000) and use the referral code "Rebooted Revamped".

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Presenters & Workshops

We have a fantastic line-up of talented and passionate presenters. 18+ and not a prude, please.

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Thank you for volunteering and supporting Rebooted Revamped with your time and energy.

We have a new system so you can directly volunteer for the shifts and locations you want. Check out the new volunteer form and get yourself scheduled!



Find out more about sponsoring Rebooted Revamped .

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Conduct Code

We encourage attendees to conduct themselves based on three simple concepts.
1) Be Responsible for Yourself.
2) Be Responsible Towards Others.
3) Be Responsible for the Venue.

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Consent Culture and the Conduct Team

We take our consent policy and guidlines directly from the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and we take it very seriously. To encourage an affirmative consent culture, you are asked to "ask first and wait for yes." We've also institued a Conduct Team to facilitate with an affirmative consent culture.

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