2019 Ready to Roll

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 21, 2019

Reboot Your Kink - Reboot Your Sole

Your Rebooted-Revamped team is ready to roll for 2019. We're already working on an outstanding line-up of presenters, a bunch of bootilicious bootblacks, and all manner of yummy goodness. Save the date, September 13-15, 'cause you aren't going to want to miss this!


2018 Not Quite Canceled....

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 12, 2018

NON-CON 2018

Thanks to the generosity of Desert Dominion, the first weekend in October 2018 is now a NON-CON fund-raiser weekend. Everything will be at DD with a meet & greet Friday night followed by a dungeon party. On Saturday, there are workshops from 10-4 and lunch is included. Saturday night, Wild West Olympus Leather Title Contest will hold their inaugural contest followed by another dungeon party. Sunday there are more workshops, from 10-4, with lunch included.

WOW - pretty neat to go from ashes to a full weekend of great activities.

If you want to be part of the yumminess, click on the RULES BUTTON to read Desert Dominion's rules. Do that before you buy your ticket because you'll have to say you read them and agree to them.


Rebooted•Revamped also has rules so, read them, too.


We're working on the schedule.


Since it's a fund-raiser, there are tickets. Prices range from $15 for a single dungeon party up to $60 for the whole weekend.You can buy them at the door or pre-purchase by contacting Desert Dominion.



Update on Hotel


Thank you to the folks who stepped up and made a statement for something different by purchasing tickets and reserving hotel rooms.

Unfortunately, at this time, there is simply not enough financial support to make the event successful.

As of today, we are 40 hotel rooms and 80 tickets short of the total needed to break even. Normally, we'd have until the first weekend in October to make those numbers. Unfortunately, we have the bad luck of being the same weekend as "Family Weekend" at the University of Arizona. This weekend is a guaranteed sell-out for the hotel and the new corporate owners aren't convinced we'll succeed.

To keep the hotel we have been asked to pre-purchase not only our meeting rooms and event reserved hotel rooms but also 40 unsold rooms. We were expecting to pay for the first two today but we were not expecting to have to guarantee, in advance, the unsold rooms. There were offers from some of our governors to front the short-fall but we simply can't guarantee that those willing to put the money on the line today can be re-paid in the coming weeks.

We are very sad to report that, without the hotel, it is not feasible to continue our efforts. Without accepting a loan, that we can't guarantee, there is no hotel.

We will begin processing refunds for those who've bought tickets through the new Event Brite page as well as those who've sponsored. Those who made purchases through the previous organizer will need to pursue refunds through them or with your bank or credit card. The hotel will process cancelations of room reservations.

Thank you again for your efforts and support - we got over half way there but it just isn't quite enough soon enough. We gave it a good try.


The Rebooted-Revamped Team

Update on Refunds


Our community has spoken and we are listening! We appreciate the insight and new perspectives we have received from so many people in our community. We encourage open communication so please continue to reach out.

For the sake of clarity and transparency, we want to make it very clear that payments made prior to July 28, 2018 went to the previous organizer and we do not expect to receive those funds. However, we have been provided with a registration list and Rebooted 1.1 will honor all ticket sales, vendor payments, and sponsorships that were paid to Behind Closed Doors prior to July 28, 2018. We realize that some people may wish to request refunds and those requests should go through either the previous Eventbrite account using the link on your receipt or, if unsuccessful, through one's credit card company or bank.

Many have also asked how they can support Rebooted 1.1. You can purchase your event pass and you can even donate to Rebooted by visiting our Eventbrite page. If we can raise $1500 in donations by September 7th, we have a donor who is willing to make a match donation!

You can also get involved and volunteer! No conference can run without a dedicated volunteer base. That is how we all got here. Fill out the contact form and we will get you on your way to getting sweaty!

And a win-win for all is getting a room at the event hotel. Just let the hotel know you are an attendee for Rebooted ‘cause, if you haven’t heard, we have a hotel buyout! Yes, we'll have the whole place to ourselves so you have access to the late night shenanigans, including naked swimming! Contact the hotel directly by calling 520-239-2300

Lastly, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to make Rebooted 1.1 a better, safer event for all. Please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts and ask us any questions you may have. You can reach us on FetLife or through our governors email address:

governorsrebooted @ gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing all of you at Rebooted BCD 1.1!

Raven Darknights


Trixie LaFontaine





The Official REBOOTED Press Release


Behind Closed Doors is under new ownership as of July 28, 2018 and a new LLC is being formed. Due to allegations of consent violations, Jefferson James and his partner, Lois, have relinquished all control and interests and are no longer affiliated with BCD in any way.

A number of community members have asked about the status of BCD and expressed support for its continuity. Many have agreed to step up and assist, form a governing board, develop a vision - including a clear policy regarding consent, and move forward. We respectfully request past sponsors, vendors, attendees and members of the community for help as we move towards this goal.

The new governing board is a diverse group of individuals representing a broad expanse of the Tucson kink community. All agree this change is needed as we move the event forward. The new governing board is: Raven Darknights; Dragon Rope Master; Trixie LaFontaine; SubKira (MTMs_kira); and Twisted_Deviant.

In light of the circumstance of this change, we are firmly committed to ensuring that Behind Closed Doors will become synonymous with active affirmative consent. To that end we are seeking input from advocacy groups, other event organizers, and community members. We shall develop a thoughtful, meaningful, and enforceable consent policy that we will share openly with the community as it's developed. Not only will "no mean no" but we intend to go further so that "ask first and wait for yes" shall be the new norm. This change moves BCD in the right direction towards creating a better environment and experience for all.

The dates for this year's Behind Closed Doors are rapidly approaching. A number of groups, families, and individuals have stated their intention to boycott the event. We certainly understand that inclination and, had this major restructuring not occurred, many of us were of the same mind. Whilst your requests for refunds and dissociation will certainly be granted, we would respectfully ask that you reconsider. We ask that you commit to building a better culture, be a part of the change that you want to see, and join us in creating something different. We deeply value your input and energy. With the new vision and a commitment to diversity at the helm, we believe that, together, we can grow a dynamic new event where we can safely play, share ideas, and learn. However, we will need your help to do that and we respectfully ask you for it. Let us not wait. Let's do it now. Let us all make this change, together.