Road Captain Riding Workshop
Who Needs This Workshop
Are you currently a Road Captain or Ride Leader for your riding group?

Do you want to be a better group rider?

Are your group rides organized and enjoyable?

Do you find group riding frustrating?

If you find yourself riding in groups and want the experience to be a good one, even if you aren't a group leader, the Road Captain Riding Workshop is for you. If you are a group leader, you owe it to yourself and your group to take the Road Captain Riding Workshop.
What Is Covered
Group dynamics and safety are the primary focus of the Road Captain Riding Workshop. You'll learn how to:

• organize a group ride
ride planning
• rider placement
• how to read the road
• keeping a group together
maintaining safety
• tailoring a ride for varied rider abilities
• group communication

In The Class
Time is spent at a local diner discussing the keys to successful group rides from planning and publicity to understanding group dynamics. Learn what makes a good group route and how to find them on the map. Build excitement for up-coming rides to encourage greater participation. Develop an organized communication protocol. Adapt ride plans on the fly to address varied group abilities while maintaining a group identity while insuring safety for all.
On The Street
The street portion is focussed on the key rider positions and their responsibilities, managing movement, managing stops, avoiding the "rubber-band" effect, grouping and re-grouping, and group communication. This portion is done on a ride loop that incorporates both in-town and rural riding as positions are modeled by clinic leaders and then traded out with participants.

One class participant raved that the Road Captain Riding Workshop was as transformative in their riding as taking the MSF BRC and ERC. "For the first time I really understood what to look for while riding in a group and how to create a group ride that is both safe and enjoyable. I'll take what I learned and use it in my solo rides as well!"
Requirements & Costs
All students must have a motorcycle endorsement, proof of insurance and provide their own bikes. Bikes should be in proper working order with good tires, a good battery and no leaks or loose parts. For students with less than two years of experience, it is advised (though not required) that they have completed an MSF BRC and/or ERC. The following protective gear is required for all students: a DOT-approved helmet (full-face recommended), full-fingered gloves, over-the-ankle boots, motorcycle jacket in cordura or leather and motorcycle pants (preferably in either cordura or leather although Kevlar riding jeans and/or armored underclothes will be accepted).

The cost for the standard eight-hour Road Captain Riding Workshop is $359, which includes a workbook with explanations and examples of the techniques and concepts covered in the course.

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If you'd like us to come to you, get together a group of at least six riders and help us secure a suitable location in your area. Bringing the workshop to you is no problem.

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